Milk contains and transfers signals involved in acne and prostate cancer. Oncogenic miRNAs such as miRNA-21, miRNA-25, and miRNA-125b are present in milk.     What does it do? Shuts down the guardian of the genome p53 and DNMT1.     Does it affect all milk derivatives? Fermentation inactivates miRNAs […]

            Where does it come from? Tea tree oil is an essential oil extracted by distillation from the Australian plant Melaleuca alternifolia. Australians have used this plant for a long time as antimicrobial. Evidence There is increasing evidence that support the utility of this essential oil for acne. A recent […]

        What are my options when isotretinoin is not for me? Many adult women suffer from acne beyond their teenage years. This can be very bothersome. Flare-ups occur most frequently in this group before menstruation. Skin is oily, with comedones and inflammatory lesions. For those women who cannot use isotretinoin, there is […]

  Diet can elevate acne – hormones Recently, researchers have discussed a lot the role of diet in the development of acne. In special, they have discussed the role of carbs because they ┬ástimulate the secretion of two hormones directly implicated in the development of acne. These hormones are: insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and […]

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