Milk contains and transfers signals involved in acne and prostate cancer.

Oncogenic miRNAs such as miRNA-21, miRNA-25, and miRNA-125b are present in milk.



What does it do?

Shuts down the guardian of the genome p53 and DNMT1.



Does it affect all milk derivatives?

Fermentation inactivates miRNAs therefore, consumption of yogurt is safer than whole milk.


Personal take home recommendation


I wouldn’t stop you to drink whole milk; however, it is reasonable to recommend you not to abuse from whole milk consumption. If it is possible limit it, and prefer other sources of milk protein such as yogurt.




Melnik BC. Milk disrupts p53 and DNMT1, the guardians of the genome: implications for acne vulgaris and prostate cancer. Nutr Metab (Lond.) 2017. Aug 15; 14:55

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