1. You will outgrow acne.

Reality: acne is oftentimes a chronic disease and not just a self-limiting disorder of teenagers.

2. The more I wash my face, the cleaner it will be.

Reality: actually the more you clean your face the greasier it will get. When you remove fat from your face too often your sending a signal to your sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum.

3. A good suntan will help me get rid of acne

Reality: excessive sun exposure damages skin cells, as a result it will make you look older and it will increase your chances of getting skin cancer.

4. The latest products in the store will cure my acne.

Reality: whereas some acne products sold over the counter have proven benefits, they might not be sufficient for your particular type of acne.

5. You don’t have to worry about acne. It’s a self limited condition.

Reality: moderate and severe acne might lead to scarring which can very hard to treat.

6. Sulfur soaps are ideal for acne.

Reality: some of them are smelly and they might cause irritation on your skin.

7. I’m an adult, I shouldn’t have acne.

Reality: as we have explained in other sections, getting older is not a guarantee to get rid of acne.

8. I cannot wear make up.

Reality: many makeup products now in the market that are non-comedogenic, that could be used.

9. I don’t have to visit the dermatologist.

Reality: most dermatologist can give you a better insight and recommendations to help you overcome and cure acne.