What are my options when isotretinoin is not for me?

Many adult women suffer from acne beyond their teenage years. This can be very bothersome. Flare-ups occur most frequently in this group before menstruation. Skin is oily, with comedones and inflammatory lesions.

For those women who cannot use isotretinoin, there is an option. According to researchers from the University hospital of Nantes, France, spironolactone is associated with remission or positive outcomes in up to 70% of the patients.

Why does acne occurs in adult women?

Women with adult acne may suffer from a hypersensitivity to androgens in sebaceous glands and skin cells.

How does spirnonolactone work?

Spironolactone works by inhibit dihydrotestosterone even with low doses of the drug.

According to their study if you have mild acne, the chances are that you will improve with this treatment. You would have further improvements if you are using third or fourth generation oral contraceptives.

Ask your dermatologist if this treatment would be suitable for you.